Beer + Shot


Rolling Rock can + Fernet shot

PBR can + Jameson shot

Tecate can + Altos tequila shot

                                      Miller High Life bottle + Jaeger shot

Rolling Rock or PBR or Tecate


Two blue collar American beers in a can with a guest from Mexico

Jameson Caskmates


A unique whiskey that has been made with the help of Cork's Franciscan Well brewery.

Monday Night Specials

$4 - $5

$4 Fernet

$5 Draft Beer

Red Breast 12 YR


Beautifully balanced Irish whiskey, with warm texture, sweet flavors, and spicy kick

Teeling Tuesday


Teeling Distillery is an Irish whiskey distillery established in Dublin in 2015. All day Tuesdays for $5.

** Outside food is allowed